How to Make Your Neighbours Jealous About Your Garden

You’d be surprised how much we view the opinion of others.

Having a garden that impresses and makes a statement can make you feel proud.

How about making the rest of the street jealous?

Find out how …

Transform Your Garden with These Landscaping Ideas

A bit of strategic landscaping can make a garden that feels small, feel bigger.

Similar, landscaping can help make a large back garden that feels shallow and empty have a vibrant appeal.

The trick is knowing the dimensions of your garden and figuring out what new things you can introduce to it that will make a significant difference in how the garden looks.

Below are a few landscaping ideas from OGD garden designs with huge transformations that are worth considering for your garden.

landscape garden ideas

Outdoor Garden Furniture

The garden is a fun place to spend time with your family and friend during the summer days. You can have evening dinner outside under the blanket of starts.

For this, you need to bring in outdoor garden furniture which you can have on the patio or the grass. They do not have to take up too much space but should be comfortable and enhances the atmosphere in the garden.

Fire Pit

A fire pit will also be an excellent landscaping idea that complements the addition of outdoor furniture. You can use it to prepare meals and to bring some light and warmth to the garden.

Creating Paths & Walkways

Creating paths and walkways is an excellent way of refreshing any garden. And when thinking of such additions, do not go for a straight line. Create curved paths if you have a small garden and wide trails if your garden is expansive.

Paving them will be necessary and this you can do using gravel, concrete slabs, tiles, bricks, or slate stone. For the gravel paving, you will need to spread a landscape fabric before putting in the gravel so that you prevent weeds from growing.

creative pathways

Installing Water Features

Water features add some sense of serenity to outdoor spaces. They come in different designs, sizes and function. You can opt to install a fountain or a pond, but the latter is ideal for a huge garden, and the former is suitable in smaller gardens.

For the pond, you will need to choose a section of the garden that you will dig out to make room for the pond that mimics what you find out there in the wild. It can have rocks layered in a manner that allows water to cascade down into the pond filled with different aquatic life. The water body will also help bring in small wildlife in your garden.

As for the water fountain, you can opt to install a sizable one in your garden. The best approach it is to make it the focal point in your garden, and that means installing it in an area where it stands out. With this particular water feature, you and enjoy the soothing sounds of flowing water as you relax in your garden.

Bamboo Shelter

Since a garden is a slice of nature that you get to enjoy in your home, you should do your best to use as many natural materials as you can for your landscaping.

garden shelter

If you are thinking along the lines of hardscapes, then bring in a shelter. So what about one made from rustic bamboos and a metal frame? It will be a brilliant idea that is modern and practical and one that adds an exotic feel to your garden. The shelter will provide shade when the sun is hot during the day and shield you from harsh winds.

The ideas mentioned above are just a few of the many landscaping ideas that you can rely on to transform your garden into the paradise you would want it to be. All you need to find inspiration from different sources, employ your creativity, and you will be amazed by the impact the improvements you put in have in your back garden.